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Clothed In My Junk

Nine minutes till the Bachelor. Not even, just the really unnecessary Women Tell All part of the show that my sweet man would tell me to turn off before I turn it on. Can I tell you something really annoying about me? I always, always look up all the spoilers for The Bachelor–like one split second before it airs. […]

Do Some

My phone is dead, my teething seven month old is sleeping in my lap, my right arm is going numb and I can’t reach the netflix remote or any of the many books I am currently “reading”. What good am I serving? I laugh, but parts of me also want to cry. What am I […]

I Still Do, Too.

Let’s see how quickly I can get these thoughts to “paper” while Jeff is making my favorite…pizza. Marriage. How many words flood my mind when I hear the word? Oh so so so many. What words flood yours? My husband married a difficult woman. I’m no walk in the park. I’m more of a scramble […]