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Good Job

Sometimes I struggle to find the right words for people that I’m impressed with, encouraged through, inspired by…and if I peel back those thicker layers of myself, I used to find it even harder to find the words for those that I was a little envious of, humbled by and challenged through. So what did […]

Raising Arrows

I recently shared coffee with a friend and we laughed and grieved and grew wrinkled lines of surrender. Our motherhood windows are looking a little foggy these days. Some spots have kid spit licked all over it, other spots stained in frustrated tears with the long hours we’ve sat waiting, and still others with that […]

There Was a Body

“So they took Jesus, and he went out, bearing his own cross…” [John 19:17] —————————————- There was a cross. A beautiful cross. Cedar. Pine. Cypress. Living wood split wide, cut and framed to carry death. There was a cross. A cross carried by a crowd-watcher, Simon of Cyrene. Compelled to help carry the load, The […]