Add your title, handiwork.

Life has been a flurry, have you felt it?

I know many of you are feeling that beside me.

Every morning for the last two weeks I’ve sat down to write in this space, then I find myself reheating my coffee, swirling my finger in the cream and touching it to my tongue, only to feel the block– not of a writer but of plain being human.

Then yesterday I stumbled upon a quote that helped unclutter a huge part of my heart.

May we be women who think more about the people we’re going to serve than people we want to approve of us.”

If you’re like me, at one point you’ve been…

The woman longing to serve but feeling unsettled in the serving.

The woman frenzied by the need for approval.

The woman feeding the disapproval.

Or the woman so paralyzed by it all that she finds herself stuck… in her head, in her season or on her couch.

Can you resonate?

The conversations I’ve been invited into this year tell me that you can.

For almost five years now I have been doing two things that people see on the surface.

I’ve been raising my children.

I’ve been running a business.

Two things that, if bluntly honest, have heightened my awareness of peoples’ arrogance, comparison, negativity, gossip, insecurities and unkindness…their humanness.

But they are also two things that have brought me closer to the cross, closer to my Jesus, closer in fellowship with women who love Him too, and with an eternal perspective that brings magnificent light.

The titles of mother + business owner (particularly in a network marketing company) have simultaneously blessed the socks off of our home and welcomed the flurry of unexpected hard.

These titles, while rooted in my faith, have taught me three things that I would love to share with you. My hope is that they soften your heart to the women in your life, beginning with beautiful you.

  1. The Lord has gifted every one of us with eyes to see those around us. We choose what lens we allow that to be through, and how far beneath the surface we endeavor to go. When we lock eyes first with our Creator, I’ve come to find that the lens becomes one of compassion, delight, appreciation for the created, understanding and genuine kindness. God delights in His creation and it is part of our wiring to bring glory to Him by seeing all He has made and all He has done through each of us, uniquely.
  2. Servanthood is both costly and a gift of grace. There is no question that Jesus came to serve, and He served us in the most beautiful way… as a babe grown up to the cross that carried our redemption. He was mocked, he was questioned, he was ridiculed, he was put to shame but he also lived a life of freedom in His Father. Each day I get to show up as mama and as teammate, perfectly imperfect but with purpose clothed in His call upon my life, which is first and foremost to serve Him and to die to myself. I may do it different than my neighbor, I may get it wrong and need to try again, I may serve in these roles in a way that looks strange to the world… but I walk it in freedom, honor and completely awe-struck by the King I get to say yes to. (All of 1 Peter 2, my friends)
  3. Everyone is living their own version of hard. It does no good to consider myself above anyone or myself less than those around me. What I can do is meet them and invite them to my table. What I can do is offer up a space for them to sit raw, open and seen. What I can do is let them know they are not alone. What I can do is ensure they know they are chosen and handpicked for the titles that they carry. What I can do is be a life-breather, not a feeder of the fleshy flurry and frenzy that sweeps us away into isolation.

Mothers, you are His handiwork.

Women leading in your business, I see you carrying out His call on your life in your own creative and created ways.

In both.

I am so sorry for the ways the world has left you feeling less than, shut out, misunderstood and lonely.

Don’t stop.

Lean in to what He is doing.

And live it unapologetically, you are serving your home and your ministry in a kingdom-bound way.

A huge virtual hug in a year that makes no sense,


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