A Victory

This morning started in quiet glory, then settled quickly into the rhythms many of us know well. Noise, frustrations, the flow of a planned day upended by inconveniences that in the span of it all, don’t even really matter. I found myself filling my cup with more water, thirsting not even for the thing itself, but for a moment to reclaim the way the day began. New life, a new sunrise, a new page to see mercies and miracles unfold.

How quickly my flesh drives me to fleeting,

how truly I need the Lord.

Look at this picture my son painted. He had been asking to watercolor all morning but it wasn’t in the schedule yet (Lord, help my controlling spirit, yikes). But then the two year old was on hour two of crying for the potty that has become such a pain stake of resistance (Oh the patient enduring and humbling of a mother) and here we are, colors exploding in a heap of messy beauty.

I hear him say, I’m drawing a victory, around the burst of what looks like splashes of chaos and randomly fixed colors. You’re drawing a what? He continues to paint the golden circle around the rest and I’m drawn in. I’m drawing a victory around our earth mom. I’m stunned. He just keeps looking, keen eyes on what he is doing, fully focused.

I didn’t press further, I knew it was Holy Spirit, and the calm and realignment was so assuring. I was drawn back to my Jesus in that moment as worship music continued to fill our messy living room. He interrupts my thoughts and says, I chose the yellow sun color for my victory because it’s perfect for our world. Do you think the people in the world want to be more like God?

These little ones carry so much bold faith, the faith I hope to continue to strengthen myself with in the midst of all that feels unsettled, lacking peace, clouded in the world. How our Father wraps His world and His children up in the yellow and bright victory of His Son…what a gift unending, much like this circle of promise I saw painted by my four year old today.

In Psalm 8 we see God’s heart for our babes even more,

“Oh Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens. Out of the mouths of babies and infants, you have established strength because of your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger.”

And He does so.

He establishes strength that stills the enemy through their bright colors, through the wonders they catch in the still of the day, through the words they let hang on their tongue, through the questions they ask, through the cries they let out, through their needs for mother and nurture and closeness.

I’m praying for you all, that you draw your own circle of victory around your home, your churches, your story in the world today.



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