Twenty-Nine Before 2019

29 thoughts for 2019 and my twenty-ninth year, through hands wide open.

Take them, leave them, share them, but most of all thanks for reading them. You all have been such a tremendous gift to me this year as I navigate the balance of words and this seemingly always chaotically, beautiful life.

1. Peace can coexist with all of the chaos (John 14:27)

2. There will always be a time for pizza, donuts, iced coffee and Jeff’s tacos.

3.  Being intentional in relational living takes effort on many fronts, but understanding has always honored people more than assuming ever has.

4. People will disappoint you — position yourself to love them well, even if that means letting go & setting boundaries.

5. Motherhood is not one size fits all.

6. Mamas, we have to be more gracious in how we are knowing other mamas in the trenches and the true of their present life. You can’t force your way into their world, but you can offer the hand and the ear.

7. Likewise, unless they are coming beside you on your journey and showing up, you don’t need to give their opinions a hot second.

8. The God that I love loves me. Intimately.

9. This love has spurred me to strength. Strength in knowing whose I am rather than being ruled by what or who people think I am or should be.

10. Drawing circles around my deepest desires and clearest dreams takes more than a “maybe some day”. It takes belief that the Lord wants for me as His child and it takes the action of making a plan to see it happen.

11. Mold sucks.

12. Forgiveness is hard. It takes grit and self-dying.

13. There is something so simple & sweet about gathering together and breaking bread. Are you living in fellowship? It has been the best for our family this year.

14. Do things, even and especially tired & afraid. Body combat is one of the best decisions I have made.

15. There is no measure for loss when you are rooted in the Lord. Our loss is a loss to the Father who loves us and He will carry us in it, weep with us, and see us through to wholeness in Him.

16. Back massages will forever be the best form of therapy in my life.

17. This post-Christian world is a hard one to live in. Some days it is maddening. I can feel so out of place, even with my closest people. But isn’t that the point? If we’re living all in, if we’re believing that the word of God is life and that this life costs us everything… well I need to buckle down as the sojourner, get comfortable with being out of place, and settle in to stewarding my time for God and heaven.

18. Raising littles in that world feels both impossible and the greatest honor. I love this faith-growing with them. We are full steam ahead on gospel-living in the Morris home, even when it just feels wild, and even when we fail.

19. Learning to let my children (mostly my toddler so far) self-regulate has been key for our home.

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it is our job to share our calm, not join their chaos” — L.R. Knost

20. Working from home has been an unexpected and absolute gift that has meant flexibility, a second income, and a team that has changed my life from the inside out.

21. Trying to convince people to work from home can wear you the heck out. On the better hand, inviting them in is the greatest gift you can give. Extend your (terrified) hand, you never know who is waiting.

22. Social media is not the whole story. Pick up the phone, put a date on the calendar, get out of your screen and your bubble.

23. Don’t limit your scope simply because of what you think you know. Ask, engage, learn, grow.

24. The words overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, angry, sad, discouraged, unsure, over-it and done are all words God can handle, and are all signs that you’re a superhero facing this tough as nails life. Hammer it in with rest and truth that all will be well. 

25. Money isn’t scary and we aren’t meant to be martyrs to our finances. Financial freedom is a thing.

26. Keys to a happy marriage? Choosing holy over happy. But also,

pillow talk

turning towards

seeing the babies you made

laughing more, hugging a lot, dancing in the kitchen

date nights, 1000%

praying for one another

having friends’ outside of your spouse

going to bed at the same time

seeing your person as God sees them

27. There is nothing as satisfying as drinking wine from a mason jar in a hot shower after your kiddos’ are in bed.

28. My husband is the real mvp.

29.  Choosing freedom over fear has led to the greatest day in and day out peace. An olive branch if you will, for my heart and my marriage and our home.

Cheers to your 2019 & love to you,

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