Good Job

Sometimes I struggle to find the right words for people that I’m impressed with, encouraged through, inspired by…and if I peel back those thicker layers of myself, I used to find it even harder to find the words for those that I was a little envious of, humbled by and challenged through.

So what did I do?

I’d find myself rolling my eyes, scoffing under my breath, isolating myself, jumping on the gossip-hustle bus and whining to my husband at bedtime.

You too?

Well, hello hope.

Every morning is pretty much the same around here, at least during the work week. The boys wake up and are ready to hug the daylights out of the sun by roughly 7:30. Not this mama, especially with a five month old who doesn’t embrace the joy in sleeping. All to say, our oldest kind of picks up on the “not a morning person” thing with me. But something mundane came out in a miracle yesterday.

Instead of groggily grumping at him to go down the stairs and find his cup, I sang You Are My Sunshine(s) with all my might and stretched an intentionally giant smile on my face. It took some muscle movement.

“Good job, mommy!” he said to me when I reached the bottom.

“Huh?” I looked back.

He smiled, even giant-er than me.

“Good job with tat walk-in’ mommy”

Okay stop.

I melted. I blubbered. I squeezed him so hard he might have popped.

In three simple words he gave me grace, showed belief in my ability (to handle the big things in life) and showed me that he knows me for all that I am…and all that I can be.

I don’t care if you think this is silly, this is a big deal. Especially in this present day.

When is the last time you told someone “Good job ____________” and spoke their name?

Not as a checklist moment.

Not because it was expected.

Not because you were hoping for a return.

Not because it made you look better to the rest of the eyes in the room.

But out of grace, belief, understanding, seeing them exactly where they are, reflecting, humility, pride, joy for another or just because you wanted them to know they really did do a good job. 

A good job working on their marriage.

A good job prioritizing their time.

A good job listening well.

A good job in their new workout routine.

A good job praying out loud for the first time.

A good job opening the door.

A good job letting you in.

A good job being brave.

A good job parenting.

A good job working on forgiveness.

A good job with their finances.

A good job moving through a really hard time.

A good job being a friend.

A good job giving perspective.

A good job running a business.

A good job getting out of bed.

A good job speaking up.

A good job setting boundaries.

A good job living passion.

A good job making changes.

A good job sticking to it.

A good job trying again.

 A good job walking down your stairs.

I’m so serious.

The thing is, this isn’t the first time William has said good job, Mommy. 

He says it probably 142 times a day, really truly.

Just an hour ago he told me good job for killing an ant.

And then he killed it again.

And the bigger thing is, it doesn’t get tiring hearing it.

He’ll never run out of enough good job’s to make someone smile, not even his mom.

I’m pretty sure we should make this vocabulary indispensable too.


Happy Friday-ing.

You’re doing a good job!

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