Something Different, Something Brave

*The wordplay version of my lacking profession, iphone made choppy video found here, can be read below if you choose not to watch the 6 minutes of fun*

I know, I’m breaking some of your sacred rules about no Christmas until after Thanksgiving…

But this is more than Christmas.

Some of you know me, some of you don’t. I’m Margot.

I’m a wife, mama, lover of all things cozy & fancy coffees that I usually only half finish. I enjoy writing and teaching and wellness pursuing. And I’m a faith-fixed person, because that’s quite truly how I get through the day to day. 

This is my newest project.

And honestly, I’m a horrible projects person, the worst…at least without people walking the projects with me. So this is my invitation.

Winter is coming.

For some of us, winter has already been residing in our hearts.

The world says it should be festive and merry, wrapping paper doused in glitter, music filling the halls, food meeting our soul, and families gathered together.

But life says, that life itself, isn’t always that bright or merry.

For some of us, winter looms with sadness and loneliness, frustration and disappointment, uncertainty and isolation.

Some of you know my story, but I have struggled with anxiety and depression off and on throughout my 28 years. But the last two years I’ve found immense freedom and peace, slowly but surely, and I’ve been gathering it up to share with you too. Because here’s the thing, as alone as I felt in it, the more that I’ve shared the more that I’ve learned that this is not as lonely a road as I thought

So many of us have faced our own broken worlds, with anxiety and depression as part of them. Whether rooted generationally or environmentally, our chemical make-up, seasonally or postpartum…the list goes on…

But the common theme I’ve found is

People doing it alone. Afraid. Feeling judged. Living in fear. Of themselves, what others might think, if others will care.

And by losing our voice, we’re losing our story.

So…this is my invitation to finding light, a new windowsill for you to sit and see from, in a season that illuminates all of our world…the beauty and the mess.

Would you join me?

I’m starting a private group that will run December 1-March 1. The only commitment is being brave enough to do “it” –even scared– and the “it” is minimal.

This group will be a place of light, light, light and finding freedom.

A place where we acknowledge where we are at, have the courage to name where we want to be, listen in on others stories and show them they aren’t alone, ask the hard questions and speak peace into restless places.


I, and several of my friends, have committed to posting regularly. You have the freedom to engage, interact and be as transparent as you would like. We will be sharing resources, tools, words, all of the goodness, that have helped us on our “wintery” roads.

We will also be hosting a weekly “zoom call” (like a skype date) where we get to the nitty gritty together. A hang out and check in to make the lonely road a little more crowded with hope.

So…message me today. I’ll be sitting at my windowsill waiting for you. 

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