What Are We Going to Do with It?

This is the minute you were made for.


You were made for this time, this generation,

this culture,  this upside down whirlwind life.


You were made for these walls, and those faces,

this location and your present life.


You were made to shake it up with hope.

This is the mantra on repeat in my spirit and my days, fighting an all too common theme choking the light out of me and my people and your people–

living crippled.


This is the minute you were made for.

For –there is direction, a purpose, a meaning and significance that you are tied to.

But we are living..or is it dying…crippled.

In bondage to things…unable to breakaway…immobilized…unable to function as we were made to.


Crippled by anxiety and the haunting nature of the unknown.

Crippled by sin and habit and the comfort of our poor nature.

Crippled by judgement and assumptions and criticism.

Crippled by an urgency misplaced and the hurry to arrive.

Crippled by a false reality of control and the grip we turn our knuckles white over.

Crippled by lies we allow whispered and the stripped down of our pride.

Crippled by rejection from others rejected and the imperfections of imperfect people.

Crippled by the dreams that have died and grief that can’t be measured.

Crippled by comparison and all the robbers of our likeness.

Crippled by the runaround of chasing grace when grace was already laid waiting.

Crippled by the voices and the sounds and the sadness out the window.

Crippled by the feeling of unloved when love is what we are.

Crippled by the need for more, when there are no more minutes promised.


Crippled by fear.

It’s all fear. Living, dying–threatened, in panic, in chronic distress, unarmed.

I’m seeing it with my own two, and tired, eyes.

I’m breathing it with the rise and fall of each new day’s breath. Or lack thereof.

I don’t want to die crippled by something I’m not made for, or made of.

I’m made of life, I’m made for life.

This conversation has been the talk of my dinner table, backroad car rides, long distance phone calls and intimate prayers.


We do not serve a Maker, an Author, a God of fear.

But look outside…is fear thriving in the most tender places of your life?

In your church walls– where are decisions made, and doors opened, and leadership built, and crosses carried?

In your communities– where are voices heard, and arms linked, and people known, and crosses carried?

In your marriages– where is grace bestowed, and joy breathing, and spouses thanked and crosses carried?

In your friendships — when is the hand extended, and the tears cupped, and the dinners shared and crosses carried?

In your work space — when are walls let down, and conversations welcomed, and encouragement granted and crosses carried?


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7)


There is a spirit in you– feisty, ready to thrive, armed and equipped, the greatest calming force, peace-giving, an open door to freedom.


I want to see light and life and freedom-breathing in my people, in your people.

And I want you to see it in me.


I don’t want to see this upside down whirlwind life win. I want to see the life on the other end, that has already won, for me…for you.


This is the minute we were made for.

What are we going to do with it?

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